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I am a child of the Flower Children. I grew up as a hippie kid, and that seemed normal until encountering the social shame and stigma assigned to Hippies. To understand the cultural intersections to which I’m drawn, I became an anthropologist, earning an MA in 2012. My thesis is about the American Counterculture Movement of the Sixties and Seventies.

With new insights from anthropology, I see that hippie culture fits the definition of a distinct ethnic group. We are culturally distinct through music, clothing, food, language, communication modalities, spirituality, social norms, and commonly held values. This site is for posting inquiries and stories from the counterculture.

Ballooning over Mendocino County, 2012 Photo: Lisa Gruwell Spicer

Stories are a way to understand how we are shaped by cultural-social influences, personal choices, politics, acts of Nature… Through storytelling, I am making peace with my life, my family, my culture, and with my country.

This visual storytelling site is drawn from my journey journals, photography, artifacts, stories and projects from a career in documentary film, video, and photography. Story Peace.

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